Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 Day Gold Speed Run: Day 5

As we approach the end of the week I thought it would be important to talk about what does work and what doesn't.

For me starting off was really the hardest part (and it wasn't really that hard to begin with). All I did was roll a human and quest around until lvl 5. I then picked up mining and herbalism and farmed some copper, rough stone, peacebloom, and silverleaf which I quickly by undercutting the competition. Remember, at this point, all I want is a few gold to get started. I just want to be able to afford to buy specific vendor items that I can sell on the AH for around 100x the vendor price, and I need to be able to afford the deposit fees at the AH.

Meanwhile, I was watching different items in different markets to get a feel for the prices that I can buy and sell them for. I was looking for volatile trade goods that have predictable demand. Once I figured out what I can buy these for and what I can sell these for, all I have to do is take my cash and put it to work.

Today, the lionshare of my sales came from frostweave cloth. This item has been on fire for some time now. There is a lot of demand and there are buyers that are just cleaning out the AH.

I woke up this morning to see that the 3 stacks of 10 that I posted had sold. I went to the AH and put up 3 more stacks. In less than 2 minutes, all three sold. I then put 4 more stacks up for around 40g a piece. I logged on later to find that all 4 had sold. I actually only have 4 pieces of frostweave cloth left. I sold out my entire supply. I'll just have to wait for some farmer to come up and undercut the whole market and buy up his stuff, but until then I'll just have to wait.

Final gold tally... 517g 89s 27c

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