Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 Day Gold Speed Run: Day 4

Today was a great day in the cloth market. After I signed in this morning, I collected sales overnight from a bunch of my herbs that were listed. My balance increased to about 250g. I then bought about 119 pieces of Frostweave cloth for less than 1g 50s a piece which brought me down to about 150g.

I then listed 3 stacks of 10 for about 30g a stack, all three sold today, and so I reposted 3 more stacks to sell overnight. The cloth market, in the past, hasn't worked out too well for me, with the one exception of wool cloth, which is probably one of the easiest items to trade on the AH. But after stepping out of my comfort zone and analyzing different opportunities, I was able to find an item that has enough volatility to profit from and has a relatively strong demand compared to some of it's counterparts.

Ending Balance...226g 25s 95c

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