Monday, February 28, 2011

30 Day Gold Speed Run: Day 3

Things are really picking up in terms of selling vendor items and in terms of buying and selling trade goods on the AH itself. Many of the items that I'm trading now are volatile enough to buy and sell for at least a 100% profit on each trade. I'm finding that this is the absolute best way to make money in the AH, pick a few items, buy them up when their cheap and sell them when their not.

Of course the trick is figuring out which items are volatile enough and figuring out what is cheap and what is not cheap. Going to sites like WoWHead is great if your just looking for ideas, but generally you should already know the items your trading. These are items that are in demand and are regularly needed by craters and people leveling their professions.

As for figuring out what is cheap and what is not cheap, you just have to watch these items, there isn't really any other way.

Final gold tally for today is...196g 77s 73c

Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 Day Gold Speed Run: Day 2

It's day 2 and this is usually when you are dying to figure out whether or not your strategies are working or not. I'll keep this one real brief.

Remember at this point I only had some of the stuff that I farmed, bought from vendors, and 1 or 2 items that I bought for resale.

4 out of 10 of my auctions that I farmed sold. The rest expired later in the day. Also, I bought and quickly an elemental mat for a pretty big profit.

The big portion of my profits today came reselling vendor goods.

All in all I have 51g 6s 46c.

Friday, February 25, 2011

30 Day Gold Speed Run: Day 1

Day 1 is usually the most exciting, and the most frustrating, day of them all.

It's exciting because of the fact that you embarking on a journey that can yield completely unknown results (hopefully good results). But at the same time it is very frustrating primarily due to 1 problem, seed money.

When you start on a brand new server that you have never played (and where you don't know anyone) building your seed money can be quite frustrating and time consuming.

I spent this first day by leveling my mule to level 5 and then I ran around Elwyn Forest farming copper ore and herbs while vendoring junk that low level mobs drop. I didn't spend too much time farming, I just wanted a few items that I could throw up on the Auction House.

Vending trash is also important because it pays for deposit fees and it allows you to search the Auction House for items that you can vendor for an immediate profit. I made 20g today just by vending stuff I found on the AH. You have to be patient and wait, but if you search often enough, you will find items that you can vendor.

I also did some resale searches and I found a few items to sale. All in all, I feel like today was satisfactory. Not the most amazing day, but as far as 1st days go, this was pretty good.

Ending balance... 14g 99s 18c

Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 Day Gold Speed Run

Welcome to Raddom's Corner where I will be blogging about my attempts to strike it rich in World of Warcraft. I have been a pretty casual player and have dabbled in the arena of making gold, but I have never fully committed myself to doing it properly. That, as I have learned through experience, is one of the most important aspects of making gold, commitment and consistency. It doesn't matter how good your strategies are, if you do not implement them on a regular and consistent basis, you will never see the results.

I like comparing gold making in World of Warcraft to exercising and staying fit. Everyone wants a great body, but no one wants to put the necessary work and effort that it takes to achieve their goal. They all look for the easy way out. Only the committed few who get off the couch every day and work out will accomplish their goals. You can buy all the equipment, DVDs, diet plans, and even gym memberships you want, but if you don't get off your but and burn calories, you won't see any results.

Making gold in WoW is pretty much the same. You can go out and buy every gold guide that was ever created, read every blog on making gold, but if you don't take action, you won't see results. This blog is a way for me to take action and to talk about the results that I encounter.

On a side note, those of you who know me know that I tried this before and I only got to Day 10. Unfortunately things in RL got in the way and I just didn't have the time to blog. But now that those "issues" were straightened out, we can continue (or start over).