Friday, February 25, 2011

30 Day Gold Speed Run: Day 1

Day 1 is usually the most exciting, and the most frustrating, day of them all.

It's exciting because of the fact that you embarking on a journey that can yield completely unknown results (hopefully good results). But at the same time it is very frustrating primarily due to 1 problem, seed money.

When you start on a brand new server that you have never played (and where you don't know anyone) building your seed money can be quite frustrating and time consuming.

I spent this first day by leveling my mule to level 5 and then I ran around Elwyn Forest farming copper ore and herbs while vendoring junk that low level mobs drop. I didn't spend too much time farming, I just wanted a few items that I could throw up on the Auction House.

Vending trash is also important because it pays for deposit fees and it allows you to search the Auction House for items that you can vendor for an immediate profit. I made 20g today just by vending stuff I found on the AH. You have to be patient and wait, but if you search often enough, you will find items that you can vendor.

I also did some resale searches and I found a few items to sale. All in all, I feel like today was satisfactory. Not the most amazing day, but as far as 1st days go, this was pretty good.

Ending balance... 14g 99s 18c

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